Residence S Rhode Island, USA 2016 - IN PROGRESS
Contractor: W/O Construction Group, LLC


Residence G Rhode Island, USA 2016 - IN PROGRESS
Contractor: W/O Construction Group, LLC

Situated within 15 acres of open meadow, dense forest and wetlands, the overall form of the 1300 SF home serves to visually minimize its presence on site, allowing for the surrounding natural elements to remain the dominant experiential figure.  The interior spaces are organized around curated views of the changing seasons and are optimized to take advantage of a host of passive sustainable design strategies.



Residence W Rhode Island, USA 2015
Contractor: W/O Construction Group, LLC

This 1950's ranch underwent a complete renovation reorienting the main approach and interior to accommodate a flexible and comfortable layout. An 800 SF planted, green roof was implemented over the garage to provide an elevated recreational area with views to Narragansett Bay, while helping to manage storm water surge.



Residence J Rhode Island, USA 2015 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Located adjacent to historically listed homes, the 2000 SF house pays homage to its century old neighborhood through proportion and traditional detailing, while providing an entirely open and contemporary interior experience.

The house takes advantage of an all electric, high-efficiency HVAC and systems design which works in conjunction with an 8000 kWh Solar array to supply energy for the home's heating, cooling, electrical supply, and domestic hot water.  As designed, the system costs will be offset within 6 years of ownership when compared to the national average of fuel and energy costs, after which utility fees will be greatly diminished and in some cases eliminated entirely.



Ușak Municipality Headquarters ∙ Ușak, Turkey 2013

Through utilizing a variety of passive and active sustainable approaches, the municipality building offers a simplified and highly practical solution to the highly fragmented governmental program requirements. Offices are organized around various atrium spaces that are carved from the core of the elevated office volume, promoting air flow and natural daylight into each department. Further broadening the usage of the building, the headquarters offers a daycare center for staff as well as a 4700 sq.m multi-function space to host various activities and city events, providing a new citywide amenity for the public.



Residence O Istanbul, Turkey 2012

The masonry, three level private residence is located along the Bosphorus Canal, an extremely sensitive building zone that requires by code all new construction to be limited to the area, height, and facade openings as the original structure which occupied the site. The interior spaces are organized to take advantage of the stunning view of the Bosphorus Bridge and European side of Istanbul's coastline, while subtle integration of sustainable systems and strategies (integrated solar PV panels, a rainwater collection system, on-site waste-water treatment, and passive ventilation openings) work to lessen the home's impact on the environment and improve the quality of the living spaces.



Akmerkez Cinema Expansion ∙ Istanbul, Turkey 2012

This proposal for a cinema renovation required the upgrade of all public spaces and movie theaters, as well as the addition of an indoor/outdoor restaurant space, children's play area, and a utilitarian projection room approach. Traditionally, multi-theater cinemas are operated by a number of technicians who must coordinate the various showings while constantly monitoring and adjusting the projection and sound equipment of which is scattered over a large area of the cinema. By dedicating a suspended causeway that connects the seven projection rooms, we lessened the burden placed on the technicians and ultimately reduced the staff requirement so that a single technician can access all projection rooms. While streamlining the operational conditions of the theater, the semi-opaque, polycarbonate shelled causeway also offers a 'behind the scenes' glimpse to the often hidden technical side of the cinema, adding an element of theater to the public areas.



Summer Residence F Gundoğan, Turkey 2012

Located in a small bay along the Aegean coastline, the renovation for a 'Bodrum' style home was geared to optimize views and living spaces within a limited area and budget, while satisfying the traditional design codes of the region.



'Fin' Ashgabat Municipal Bus Stop ∙ Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 2012

The Bus Stop project designed for the arid climate of the capital city of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat. Designed to provide ample shading and coverage for commuters, the fins double as the canopy's structure, simplifying sourcing and assembly.



Alacati Rock Climbing Center Alacati, Turkey 2011

Within a thoughtful, holistic approach to architecture no line should be drawn between the architecture itself and environmental ideologies. The proposal for an Underground Rock Climbing Center promotes this sentiment through synthesizing various architectural and environmental strategies, providing effective spatial and performative qualities while addressing the comfort needs of the occupants. The design seeks to engage the site to the program; the program to the space and the occupant; and the occupant to the activity.



Chez Bore Restaurant ∙ Istanbul, Turkey 2009

The restaurant is primely located on Taksim's historical French Street, attracting a high volume of locals and tourists alike. The proposal had to maintain its original historic facade as well as post and beam construction, while integrating various sustainable systems to decrease the building's environmental impact and lower overall runtime costs.


img_mel1 img_mel2

Melanj (Rocket Fuel Waste) Mobile Recycling Plant 2007

Melanj is a highly toxic liquid by-product that was generated from rocket fuel used during the Cold War. The liquid consists of high concentrations of nitric acid, making it extremely harmful to the environment and humans via acid rain, acidified soil, and acidified water. The mobile recycling plant was designed to treat melanj through a process which alters its properties into a non-toxic fertilizer. Designed for rapid deployment in Warsaw Pact countries where the harmful chemical is prevalent, the R&D, design, and construction of the project was expedited and completed within an 11 month period.



Alacati Boutique Hotel ∙ Alacati, Turkey





Aluminum Table2013

The long spanning work desk is made of solid stock aluminum throughout.
Surface dimensions: 350cm x 80cm x1cm